How to fix RedShift on Linux: Trying location provider `geoclue2'...

If you ever encountered this RedShift error: Trying location provider geoclue2. here's a way to solve it.

What is redshift? An app that I use to adjust my screen color temperature to the time of the day, stopped working. Back to the main topic.

As I've found out in the logs, it spits out msg like this:

Trying location provider `geoclue2'...
Using provider `geoclue2'.
Waiting for initial location to become available...
poll: Interrupted system call
Unable to get location from provider.

After a quick investigation, I've found out that it's coz of a package responsible for geolocation. It just doesn't work and screw you.

Aight, that's not nice, but, still, I gotta use my redshift coz I like it and well, can't sleep well without it. Too lazy to fix the package/make a PR myself. There has to be a quciker way.

And there is.

All that I had to do was to modify the configuration to start with manualy entered coordinates instead of trying to autodetect. How?


File ./.config/redshift.conf



And that's all.

Works like a charm.

Please note though. The coordinates I've specified here are for Warsaw. If you live somewhere else, just google yours.

Also, considering how I like to keep the colors really warm during the night, i've also added, in the [redshift]section, something like this


which is a bit lower than default value of 4500 - the lower the value, the more yellowy your screen will be.

Why would you even use this stuff? Tldr; blue light. Read about it. Bad stuff.